Conflict Management

Conflict Management

When people work together, conflicts often arise, which does not necessarily have to be negative. Conflict management is about grasping a situation and starting a process that both parties can experience as satisfying.

By learning to know oneself and their own reaction patterns, in addition to acquiring competence about different types of people, one can better deal with conflicts.

Communicating with everyone in the same way, does not work well. We are all different; we all communicate and perceive what is being said in different ways.

In a workplace you should work preventively to avoid conflicts, and have an action plan for when they occur. The best way is to acquire as much competence possible about different types of people, their reaction patterns, and how to communicate in the best possible way so that the individual feels seen, appreciated and respected.

Behaviour-based communication is about adapting ones communication so it is perceived as intended to be, by the counterparty.

Company internal Courses

It can be from half a day to a weekend, for the entire staff, or just the management. It is an advantage when there is mutual understanding, and we are able to use the tools available to create a more harmonious workplace.


We teach about differences, reaction patterns, and how we can best communicate with different types of people.


If there is a difficult conflict, or a long-term situation, it may be of great significance to let an outsider participate in the process. Both parties have a need to tell their side of the situation, and together we can find a way forward.

Instead of putting blame into focus, it is important that all parts feel heard, seen, and respected.