• How to communicate better? When communication within a business or organization improves, it also affects how we are perceived outside. In this course we teach about different types of people, strengths and weaknesses, their optimal circumstances, fear, etc.
  • New steps in the right direction – I may not be where I should be, but at least I’m better than I used to be. It’s all about progress; Rome was not built in one day
  • Differences – .  From irritation to inspiration, when you get insight into your own reaction pattern and understanding of the behaviour of others, you can see the strength of being different.
  • Conflict management – Conflict does arise, but that’s how we tackle things that matter. (Read More…)
  • The way forward – When it is dark and everything may seem difficult, it is important to take a few steps in the right direction.  (Read More…)
Pål Pedersen