Persolog Personprofil


What is unique about Persolog® Personprofile?

More than defined, Persolog helps participants to reflect and is a tool for development and change

Persolog person profiles are based on how you perceive yourself in a given context.

All Persolog® products are research-based and developed in the intersection of practice and theory.

Focusing on simple actions and skills, results in lasting changes in behaviour.

Get an improved satisfaction and better results at work and your personal life

With increased knowledge and awareness of your own attitude and behaviour, you improve your ability to make impacts.

Get new perspectives on your own and others’ action patterns and thus an increased scope of action.

You will recognize your own strengths and weaknesses while interacting with others.

You will develop ideas and strategies that you can use in everyday life.

Persolog Person-model provides a framework for self-awareness without it being a blueprint.

Persolog Person-model gives a better understanding of your own and others’ needs. It describes human behaviour on the basis of four behavioural styles: D, I, S and Q.

People who mainly show a direct style of behaviour (D) are motivated by solving problems and achieving quick results.

People who mainly show an influential style of behaviour (I) are usually motivated by convincing and influencing others. They are open and most often express thoughts and feelings in an optimistic manner.

People who mainly demonstrate a stable style of behaviour (S) are motivated by creating predictable environments. They have patience and are good listeners.

People with a quality-seeking style of behaviour (C) motivate by complying with high standards.

Rather than defining, Persolog person-profiles provide help with reflection and tools for development and change.

I often use Persolog Person-Profile as the baseline of my behavioural courses.

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