Pål Pedersen’s communication course motivates our employees and increases awareness that we are all salesmen. It increases the team feeling, job performance and improves company performance. Pål makes the course engaging and the points stick well. He has good insight and years of experience and now a small business like ours gets the opportunity to have an event that is normally reserved for large companies and organizations. We highly recommend the course. You will be impressed!

Meditek as

We have also used Pål Pedersen’s DISQ analysis when hiring. It provides unique insights into the personality, patterns of action and is an invaluable tool in the pursuit of the “right” person for a position. The test provides a solid basis for interviews, and for good assessment of appropriate candidates. We have also used the test within the company. It simplifies HR work a lot. DISQ analysis allows us to engage in dialogue with the employees, adapt their duties, mitigate conflicts and assist in the efficiency of the organization. Things like this bring visible end results.

Cato S. Kolstad CEO – Meditek medical equipment as


I have used Pål several times as a course holder and he has a wonderful ability to deliver interesting and relevant courses in a fun and educational way. He possesses a lot of business knowledge, which I would like to harvest more of.

Karl Richard Dybvik General Manager – Ekstralys as


Pål shows good qualities in the selecting and interviewing processes. He has good skills both in getting into our industry and in seeing what qualities are needed, humanly and professionally. Pål is a good partner to have in the hiring processes.

Jan Erik Fosse District Manager KIWI


The course that Pål held for Maritastiftelsen employees was not only inspiring and educational,
it was fun too! This is recommended for anyone who needs a positive input, in their company or in their organization.    

Leiv O. Holstad Secretary General Maritastiftelsen