Performance Appraisal

A performance appraisal is a regular, organized form of conversation between an employee and immediate superior, where a conversation about work tasks, results, work process, collaboration, and employee’s professional and personal development. The conversation should be prepared, openly, confidentially and obligated.

We often use Persolog Personprofile as a baseline for this conversation. The manager gets to know himself and his behavioural pattern, and is then able to make the best possible arrangements for his employees on work tasks and working environment. This will be a significant factor for the well-being and results of any business.

A collaborative interview can be divided into 3 phases

1. The first and most important phase is preparation

Here we have some tools that will facilitate and make the whole process easier for you as a leader.

2. The second phase is to execute the conversation

If desired, I can participate in the conversation itself, or if you wish to do this alone I will provide you with enough tools and information to give you and the employee a positive experience.

3. The third phase is to follow up of the conversation – Action plan

Here you will have a well prepared action plan with follow-up points adapted to your wishes and needs.