Persolog Parprofil

Understand and be understood!

Invest in your relationship!

Very often, too much has been said and done before couples seek help. Do something preventively, take a communication course for couples. This is not a common marriage course, but a course where you see each other’s differences. Your own reaction pattern and you’ll get some tools that make communication at home better.

This course will be happening over 2 nights, suitable for a weekend where employees can bring their partner.

Contact us and we will create an exciting schedule for your business or friends.

  • Get better self-esteem; understand your own reaction pattern

  • Get to know your partner better.

  • Put more value in your partner

  • Get better communication

This is a profile designed for two people. This can be used with a couple, or in larger groups.

Here there will be filling out of questionnaires and graphs to map out strengths and challenges.

Geogram: This gives you a good graphical overview, a review of persolog person-profiles and relationships.

Mapping out motivational circumstances, how we can improve our communication and conflict management, and how to adjust to each other and interact more positively.