Når det er vanskelig

When life is difficult

There can be various reasons to why people end up in depression. Things can unexpectedly put life on hold, and make it difficult to move on. Sometimes there may be medical reasons.

The focus on this lecture is to help the participant to see the positive things in the midst of all the darkness and motivate him to take some new steps in the right direction.

Crisis arises in human lives for various reasons, and just as there are several ways into a crisis there are also several ways out. Sometimes negative thoughts can become so overwhelming that they can lead people into depression. At this point it may be good to speak with someone, or listen to someone who can shed a slightly different light on the matter.

Note. This lecture is not intended as therapy, but more focused on being a coaching and encouraging way to see opportunities, and helps take steps towards a brighter everyday life.

There is a way forward!

Det er en vei videre.

The lecture can be delivered in larger or smaller groups.

Through 20 years we have talked to people in different life situations. In some part of life a Crisis can occur with most people. And some experiences may hurt for the rest of your life. It is when these thoughts become overwhelming and you no longer manage to see the bright side of life that you sometimes need a little positive input so you can start moving on.


Life isn’t over until it’s over, let’s take a look at the opportunity together, and take a few steps in the right direction.


Note: If you suffer from severe depression, seek medical attention. This lecture is neither therapeutic nor medically intended.