Control your time effectively

Persolog time management model

Learn how to manage your time effectively. Persolog time management model helps you to reflect on your habits when spending time, to change that which has to do with time consumption, and to make your time more meaningful.

› Time.  Analyse how you behave towards time-spending today. .
› Become aware. Find your potential for improvement

› Action. Create strategies and methods of change.

Create more time for yourself.

Be aware of how to spend the time available by using a questionnaire. Dispose of the things that waste your time and create stress. Use the time for the things you experience to be more important.

Get a comprehensive analysis.

You will reflect on your use of time in different management categories. You will question your attitude about the use of time, and what methods you use today. You will Develop measurements through three different concepts like knowledge, desires, and skills this will significantly improve your time management.

Get a better quality of life.

By becoming more efficient, you can spend the time you really want. Not only does provide more quality working hours, but also more quality of life.

This tool fits in the plenary teaching in larger or smaller groups, but is also a great aid in one on one coaching conversations, where we together map and organize an action plan to make the use of the time available to you more efficient.

This course can also be done online, where we will help you through the process on Skype.